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  Apollo Plumbing are qualified New Zealand registered certifying Plumbers and Drainlayers and deal with residential and light commercial drainage work.

Blocked Drains
We clear blocked drains, sinks, showers, baths, gully traps, toilets, downpipes and waste pipes.  These are common occurrences and are usually caused by a build up of grease or matter, leaves or debris or items becoming wedged in the drain.  We have drain unblocking equipment and will use the correct equipment or method needed depending on the type and extent of blockage.

New Drainage
As registered and qualified drainlayers we also lay new or additional stormwater and sewer pipes for new housing or building alterations and additions.  Where drainage pipes are old or damaged beyond repair we upgrade and replace existing stormwater and sewer pipes in line with all council requirements.

Channel Installation
For driveways or areas prone to poor drainage or surface flooding, a driveway channel or cut-off drain can solve this problem and make a huge difference to previously flooded areas. Usually a cesspit is also required to catch any debris before it enters the channel. Our installation work also includes concrete cutting and reinstatement if required.  As qualified and registered drainlayers, all installation work is done in line with council requirements.
Stormwater install   Stormwater install
stormwater and cesspit installation for new home, Kohimarama  

Sewer pipe install, Witford   Sewer pipe install, Witford
sewer pipe installation for building addition, Whitford
Driveway Channel Grate   Driveway Channel
driveway channel & grate installation, Botany Downs  
cesspit installation, Botany Downs    

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