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 Hot Water Cylinders

  Apollo Plumbing Ltd are experienced in all areas of repairing, replacing or installing hot water cylinders and increasing water pressure for both residential and commercial situations.  If your water pressure is low, we will advise on the options available and how best to correct  the pressure system.

If your hot water cylinder has reached it’s life expectancy and is in need of replacement, we can advise on the best option for you. Improved insulation and efficiency with a newer model cylinder will also reflect in savings on your power bill.

If your hot water system is overflowing, we will be able to determine why and if there is in fact a problem – it may be due to thermal expansion which is perfectly normal.  Common problems are pressure issues due to faulty or clogged valves which can be easily corrected by having the valves replaced or serviced, or a faulty thermostat which is not regulating the temperature of the element.

Whether you're wanting to upgrade to a more energy efficient system or in need of having your current system repaired, we will advise on the best solution for you.
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